Wow ... You made it! You actually made it to my web site!

I am Gary, and welcome to my web site. I think at least 99% of all web sites are under construction, and this one is no exception. This site is very bare right now as I am attempting to re-build it. Here are a few things to do here:

To see what is happening to the human race, Click Here

My Picture Gallery - this contains just about every picture I have taken since I got a digital camera which is pretty much every picture I have taken in existence since the flood got the hard copies
My Dog - the famous Barley Dog . She understands hundreds of commands and words (although she doesn't always obey), and she even maintains her own web site.
My old Corvette page ... hasn't been updated in years, but I still have the car, and it is still haulin' ass
Stories - I've got hundreds of stories, and plan to add more if I ever get time. Here are 2 or 3 for now ... including how I gained 11 pounds in a single meal.

That's about it. Check back and just maybe I may get this updated again this century.

These are random links ... partially as an experiment on search engine rankings: