Borrowing Mom's car

According to Andy, he doesn't remember much of this story. The details came from our mother who got most of the information from the police officer involved in this incident. Even though most of this information is coming 3rd hand, I think it is pretty reliable.

Andy was 18 years old and still living with mom & dad. He had a job (or at least we think he did), and on this particular Friday evening he asked mom if he could borrow her car to go to work. For some unknown reason, she agreed, so Andy hopped in mom's car and drove off. Jump ahead to about 2:30 AM ...

My parents get a call from a police officer. He has pulled Andy over, and is holding him for suspicion of DWI and DUI. He will release Andy to my parents without charges if they come pick him up, and bring a tow-truck to remove the car which is unsafe to drive and blocking traffic along Louetta Rd. So mom gets dressed and meets the officer and calls a wrecker. The officer proceeds to tell her the story:

He was driving down Louetta Rd, and notices a car driving very slowly down the same road. As he gets closer, he notices that the car is covered in mud, and all 4 tires of the car are pointing in different directions. It appears that whatever Andy was smoking that night (he had lied about wanting the car to get to work) caused him to believe that mom's Honda Acura was a large 4-wheel-drive truck with oversized tires. He apparently went off road at some point and hit something (or possibly many things) that caused the wheels, axles and wheel alignment to become a little bit off. There was also some minor damage to the front of the vehicle which was caused by hitting something else, or somebody hooking something up to the front of the car to help tow him out of his dilemma.

The car was back on the road, but because of the damage to the wheels, alignment and transmission, the top speed of the vehicle was somewhere around 3-4 MPH. As the officer pulled behind mom's car, he turned on his lights, but the slow moving car did not attempt to pull over. After after a couple of minutes, he tried using the siren, and then resorted to the loud-speaker. With the Honda still wobbling down the road, the officer pulled his car over onto the shoulder, got out of his patrol car, ran up to the car Andy was driving (which was still traveling at 3-4 MPH) and pounded on the Window until my brother noticed that somebody was pounding on his window. Andy finally stopped the car where he got out and walked with the officer back to his car where he called mom to come get Andy.

A few thousand dollars later, the Honda was back on the road, although I don't really understand why mom kept letting Andy borrow the car. Although this was the most extensive damage he had done to her car, it wasn't the first time her car had to be towed to the shop when he borrowed it, and I am sure it wasn't the last.

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