I enjoy eating, and I love food. I once gained 11 pounds in a single meal. My roommate and I used to have "Gourmet Night" every Monday evening. This usually consisted of a group of guys getting out the cook book, picking out something we didn't know how to pronounce, going to the store to buy the stuff, and making it. Sometimes we would just cook something "traditional".

This one particular evening, we decided to do steaks and potatoes. A couple of our buddies (Jim and Craig) went to the store to get the steaks and potatoes. When they walked in, they were laughing. When they were finally able to speak, they said, "Gary! We found a potato the size of your head!" and proceeded to pull out a huge potato. The emerging spud was in fact about the size of my head, and it weighed several pounds. They knew that I liked to eat, so they found the biggest steak and the biggest potato in the store and bought them.

After baking that huge potato for several hours (the grill needed the help of the microwave) and cooking the steaks we were ready to eat. My steak and potato could not even fit on a plate. We had to use a serving platter. After loading my baked potato with about a pound of butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon and chives, someone decided that we should weigh my platter. After subtracting for the weight of the platter, the food on my plate weighed 7 pounds. We also weighed me for a before and after weight, and also took before and after pictures of my belly (pictures to the right).

After I eating every scrap of food on my plate, which included over 4 pounds of potato, nearly 3 pounds of meat and a couple of beers, and several large glasses of water I also finished Jamie's steak and Craig's steak and baked potato. On the final weigh-in I had gained 11 pounds in that one meal. My belly size was also greatly increased, as you can see in the before and after pictures.


I apologize for the pictures, but my original copies got lost in the flood. I had to copy Melanie's pictures which were already cut out for her photo album ... which is why they are cut out in strange shapes, and not of the highest quality.

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Before the meal

My food

I just finished mine

Now finishing Jamie's

Now finishing Craig's

After the meal